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the room in the corner of my mind



the room in the corner of my mind


i sit in this room in the corner of my mind

pondering things

reflecting on past experiences

faces i have encountered

flashes of light

that has offered gifts of insight

the collective treasures of a road well travelled

as my life unraveled

so many times . . . i thought


was it these challenges that molded character

and personality

in this seemingly surreality

i characterize and label

as life

with excrescent rife

i question

all the things i have accepted

in this decepted reality


i put aside all this heavy me

and i go to that window of levity

that my soul sometimes looks out

at times i feel like a heavyweight fighter

in a heavyweight bout

being punched around

while fighting for the crown

of my doubt


funny how winners become losers

and the lost are found

but we are the choosers

of the mental and spiritual ground

we traverse

as i now do in this verse

as i examine the aspects of possibility

with a much needed and dire certainty

as the |”i” in me flirts with me

about the secrets of being me


but as i said,

i am led

to that window of levity

with the verity

that it is now a time for me to laugh

for the wrath we sometime exact

upon ourselves

leads to no good end

though many times in this room

in the corner of my mind

we defend

the delusions we create

as if such is our fate


snicker, giggle, squirm and wiggle

uncomfortable i am

with the appearance of the insurmountable

task to overcome

i ask

how can i come

to realize my sum

of my being

when all i am seeing

are the defined

corners of this room

in my mind

what do i hope to find ?

more dreams ?


it seems

that perhaps i once was content

with this sentiment

but no more

i must find the door

that opens to the bridge of understanding

i am demanding now

some how i must discover


that bridge that leads across the river of fear

as i leer at the valleys

of despair

have i not paid the toll

what is the price

will not my very life suffice

i gave it

i give it

i choose to live it

as it was given


yet for some reason

in this life’s season

i have chosen this room instead


here comes that verity of levity


i laugh

and the walls that seemingly sealed my fate

they begin to dissipate

as the delusional illusion for what they are

and the light long forgotten

comes back on

and the walls are gone

and with but a smile,

a laugh,

a wiggle and a giggle

i am liberated

and life once again is celebrated

and i am extricated

from this room in the corner of my mind


the gift of laughter liberates us . . .



(c) 26 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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Comment by Bill on August 11, 2013 at 10:36pm

AMEN !!!!!

Comment by Rosmarie Heusser on August 11, 2013 at 8:29pm

There is no doubt: "The gift of laughter liberates us..." ; and we surely need much more of it in our world! - 

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