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At 4:04am on March 27, 2022, Richard L said…

"Happy Birthday!"

At 7:55am on March 27, 2021, Richard L said…

"Happy Birthday!"

At 5:45pm on March 28, 2020, Eva Libre said…

Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope you have a beautiful day, and you're in good health!

At 6:59am on March 27, 2020, Richard Levison said…

"Happy Birthday!"

At 5:59pm on March 28, 2019, Eva Libre said…

Hello dear Mary,

I hope life is good with you, and I send my warmest greetings for your birthday!

Much health, and love,


At 4:54am on March 28, 2019, Richard Levison said…

"Happy Birthday!"

At 1:26am on March 28, 2013, Nada Jung said…

At 1:06pm on May 9, 2012, Eva Libre said…


wish you a nice day ..


At 9:26am on March 29, 2012, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…

Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

At 11:00am on March 28, 2012, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…

I wish you even more than you imagine, Mary.
Love and Peace for all Beings.

At 9:06am on March 27, 2012, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…

My this year which begins for you tomorrow offers you enven more than you imagine !

Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

At 1:44am on January 23, 2012, Nada Jung said…

my message for the new year ...


At 1:15pm on January 9, 2012, Samuel Rodriguez said…

Hello! Mary

Glad to have you here on my friends list!!!

Peace always!


At 11:55am on January 2, 2012, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…

Your frienship is a blessing, Mary.

Love and Peace for you and all Beings

At 8:46pm on January 1, 2012, Nada Jung said…


Happy  NEW YEAR  Mary !


thank you for your friendship, it opens my heart.

In Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Love and PEACE




At 6:16pm on January 1, 2012, Lothar Seifert said…

Hello Mary, a happy new year and a good beginning in the year 2012.
Best regards Lothar

Happy New Year

At 1:13pm on September 24, 2011, Marjoerie P gave Mary Stuart a gift
Sending kind regards from Chile
At 1:11am on September 17, 2011, Marjoerie P said…
Sent an angel to watch over you last night, but it came back. I asked why: ... The angel said:" angels don't watch over angels!" Twenty angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, nine are playing, One is reading this message. Send this to ten friends including me if I don't get it back I guess I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies, Someone you love will quietly surprise you...♥"
At 6:17am on September 8, 2011, Puss-Cat said…
At 3:57am on August 29, 2011, Puss-Cat said…
                                             Blessings; From Puss-Cat aka Louise. xxx

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