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It is a shame that the people who run this web site allow lies to be posted.

I have just answered a post by someone who decided to publish a picture of President Obama and alter the words of what was said when he met with the head of Israel.
I would like to remind everyone here that President Obama went to Egypt before he met with anyone from Israel.
The post by this other member also mentioned how we equipped Israel with jets. Why stop there? We have also provided many Arab countries with weapons.
I feel everyone is entitled to an opinion but I do not agree with posting pictures with words that were not said at the time the pictures were taken if ever.
Peace will never come by war. Peace will never be bought throw martyrs. Peace will not be purchased by sending women and children on suicide missions.
Entertainment + Education + Prosperity = Peace

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So this is no lie but it is history. My point was that it did not belong with the picture that is very recent and it was two different Israel leaders that made the statements and the picture. You can not honestly use the words of one person as if they were spoken by another.

Redirecting people is not an acceptable reply. I replied on the other discussion but I wonder how many people will bother to make that journey. The other discussion that Eva wants everyone to see is more history. What is going on now is influenced by history but not controlled by it. I will not repeat what I wrote in the redirect discussion about Obama but I will say that I am getting very tired of everyone blaming Obama for not resolving issues that have been around for generations in less than two years. Obama did not start two wars. Bush did. Bush will tell you that the attack on the USA 9/11/1 started it. I say that greed started the whole thing. Greed is where one person or group wants to acquire all the assets they can get at the expense of other persons or groups. It is highly addictive and born of fear. Through technology we can now look forward to prosperity for all. This can not take place unless some people leave their past become history. We can not have an equitable world with some people thinking they can live the same way people lived 2,000 years ago.
In an ideal world we might be able to correct every misleading posting - but it is unrealistic to imagine that any site such as this can engage people in the role of checking everything posted for accuracy.

What we can expect is the right of reply with which to challenge those postings we find to be wrong.

Surely in the end it is better to have open discussion than censorship where we cannot even know what others are thinking?

Peace will only ever come if we can understand the views of others - and that includes the views that are based upon information we consider incorrect.

Personally i think that even in the white house the open information flow is very limited. Who can claim objectivity in a virtual space like the internet? How pure is the source of our information? For me the closest source is what i experienced first hand, and even that is mixed with habituated tendencies and cultural projections. Not to forget emotional coloring what seems to be almost unavoidable if we are honestly looking at the (wo)man in the mirror.  We are living in a time where our minds are more and more bombarded by multi media. We are multi-tasking. We are mentally everywhere and nobody is at home. We travel around the world in a cyber jungle, but could we honestly say that we can rely on anything solid? There was a discussion on the dutch radio that almost all reporters in all media are closely monitored in the style and tone that they publish their work. There is lots of mass media psychology here that orchestrates and pre-selects what our senses are allowed to digest. I call forth the die hard cyber sherlock holmes with a don quichote heart and bodicitta that shall benefit all beings. For me, Eva's postings to me are positive intention and this seed of positive intention, is the basis that will bring good fruit. But then again, although healthy, not every one likes papaya :-) smiles and deep outbreaths.


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