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We are in a universe composed of energy. Energy is in everything. The same energy that circulates in other galaxies is linked to that circulate the air in our lungs. With this knowledge you can ally with nature, responsible for the administration of such energy, and use the entire universe in its favor.
And nature gives you all the magic necessary for happiness. It all depends on how you deal with it. The energy will always respond in proportion to what you do with it.
Know that:
The plants whose owners are caressing the leaves and talk to them at least 10 minutes a day is more beautiful, showy and healthy than the others.



When you need to extract something from nature is good to ask permission and give thanks. Or you would like someone took his things and left, ignoring its existence? Plants that receive this special attention generate most beautiful flowers and fruits taste better.



Animals feel pain (some people seem to know this). Animals feel cold, hunger, longing. Some animals have dreams. Appreciate the existence of these noble beings. They are the gateway to a magical connection with nature, especially dogs (my passion). Have you ever made love in your dog today? Make and will see how its atmosphere will change. You'll be happier and his good friend too.

Thank your for grass decorate the garden and soften the ground you walk on. Do not be rude to walk on it without thanks.
Plants communicate. If you are kind news will run between them and nature will reward you. Just watch and see it's true.
And that works? Not science, not magic. Connect to the natural power and realize that every day.



And nature is not made only by living things. The natural elements deserve respect.
The earth absorbs our anxieties and connects us with all the energy of the universe.
Fire renews the energies, encourages our capacity for action and brings peace to the environment.


Blessings and salutations to our Mother Earth.


Prayer to Mother Earth

"Blessed is the Child of Light who knows his Mother Earth
For it is the giver of life.
Know that their Mother Earth is in you and you're It.
It was she who gave you life and who gave you life

Know that the blood that flows in your veins
Born of the blood of your Mother Earth
Her blood falls from the clouds, springs from her womb
Bubble streams in the mountains
It flows abundantly in rivers of the plains.

Know that the air we breathe is born of the breath of your Mother Earth
Breath Hers is the blue of the heights of heaven
And whisper of the leaves of the forest.

Know that the hardness of your bones was created from the bones of your Mother Earth.
Know that the softness of your flesh born of the flesh of your Mother Earth.
The light of your eyes, the scope of your ears
Born of colors and sounds of your Mother Earth
Around you made the waves of the sea surrounding the goldfish.

As the air holds the trembling bird
Verily I say unto thee, thou art one with your Mother Earth
She is in you and you're It.
Dela you were born, In it you live and she will return again.

It follows, therefore, His laws
For your breath is the breath of It.
Your blood her blood.
Your bone her bone.
Your flesh her flesh.
Your eyes and your ears are also Dela.

He who finds peace in his Mother Earth
Will never die,
Know this peace in your mind
Do you want this peace to your heart
It accomplishes this peace with thy body. "




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