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Requiem, for a world without compassion

Requiem, for a world without compassion CLICIA PAVAN Sad cry the water of the rivers Let me run free to the sea Scream the wild animals…

Started by Eva LibreLatest Reply

In solidarity for the Earth

PRAYER OF HUMILITY   Our father who art in heaven   our mother who wanders among us holy and homeless hallowed be your names (vessels of es…

Started by David SparenbergLatest Reply

Preserving cultural heritage in the Amazon

   Instituto Guardiões da Floresta   Instituto Guardiões da Floresta Preserving cultural heritage in the Amazonvideo by Zack Embree Vanc…

Started by Eva LibreLatest Reply

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A couple of pretty, fixed bicycle-views along the road

Started by Rosmarie Heusser

2 May 26
Reply by Rosmarie Heusser

Wonderful mansions in the bird world

  Wonderful mansions in the bird world. Photographer Unknown  

Started by Luna Arjuna

3 May 12
Reply by Rosmarie Heusser

Big Bertha

  Never fear, when Big Bertha is here! Yep, our first Big Bertha (a variety of torch cactus) bloom of the season has arrived in the Cactus…

Started by Eva Libre

3 Apr 25
Reply by bridget orman

The Cailleach

The Cailleach       Off into the wild woods I did go      Far, far away. O’er there to where the old lady does dwell, she be the watche…

Started by Eva Libre

7 Apr 3
Reply by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland


Whence Spring time does come, the Daffodil shows us it’s time for a fresh new start, it’s time for change. O, how they brighten up our da…

Started by Eva Libre

1 Apr 3
Reply by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland

How Trees talk to each other

Consciousness connection is Shared and Networked Between Trees w/ help from Fungi(mycelium): Professor Suzanne Simard of University of Bri…

Started by Eva Libre

1 Jan 8
Reply by Rosmarie Heusser

Dr. Stephan Harding - Part 1 / 10 - Gaia Theory & Deep Ecology

In 10 episodes here on YouTube Dr. Harding lead you into a new understanding of our beloved mother Earth. Earth, or Gaia as he prefers to s…

Started by Eva Libre

0 Jan 1

Beautiful Minds - James Lovelock - The Gaia Hypothesis / Gaia Theory

Gaia hypothesis There are two forms of Gaia theory, weak gaia theory and strong gaia theory.

Started by Eva Libre

0 Jan 1

Permaculture Principles: Not Just For Hippies. 4 Beautiful Images of Permaculture Projects

Stunning Visions of the Future Under Permaculture Principles 1) The Botanic Center Bloom An ambitious proposal to ‘bloom’ the Botanic Cen…

Started by bridget orman

2 Jul 11, 2021
Reply by Helela

The Social Life of Forests

Amazing read... long but worth it! Touching our assumptions about what is a living being and what is an object, what is nature and what is…

Started by Luna Arjuna

2 Apr 29, 2021
Reply by Oliver Morozov


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