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A beautiful video for people who care for & speak for the beings of this world that we are 'care-less'ly destroying.

This man is a Legend, a true inspiration

Source: Lion whisperer Kevin Richardson


Zoologist Kevin Richardson (aka The Lion Whisperer) in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent many years studying Zoology in University, that he’s established some kind of respect amongst the animals there, understanding their behaviour and needs, sharing closeness that could be deemed as insane, but this man seems to know exactly what he’s doing.



Calls himself an ambassador of lions and even sleeps rough with them sometimes…


He uses his unique relationship with these lions to bring attention to Africa’s poaching problem, fearing over the next two decades they will be forced into extinction. Kevin believes it is about the way we see these Cats natural instinct, as you can see in the video, they have the ability to be gentle and loving, its just us humans that want to see things so black and white, hunter and prey mentality, when really we should be thinking this species of wild animals should be understood.


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Beautiful and

I am pleased you like the video.  A nice weekend for you!

have a nice week time :)

Yes, we have been given a love song..! 

In the book "Journey into Nature" Michael Roads describes that animals don't attack Love — but they attack fear. This video beautifully shows the truth of that knowledge. ∼

Thanks for your comment, Rosemarie. Some time ago I saw a video of a Cheetah mum watching over her cubs playing ...when they were happened on by two lions. One of the cubs - all were oblivious to the lions - got separated.  The lions saw their opportunity and struck. The mum was beside herself in grief and remorse. I found this so touching, I continued to reflect upon it...

Finally I vowed that, after I complete my current project [to get some Rainbow Children through the purification of the fourth world's end] my new one would be remake the big cats into vegetarians.  I am under the impression that it can be done over some generations. Ruth and I turned our old dog into a vegetarian...! 

Over the course of this intervening year, reflection on this tragedy continued; and evolved even further. It taught me to understand much more about the role we, as a genus, had come for... So, too, did I began to grieve the bio-diversity in which that occurred, the many [species of] hominids we were ...who are no longer here along with the thousands of creatures we have also arrogantly dispatched...

You see, my dear ones, our purpose was much greater, nobler ...than that disastrous slide into self-service to which we succumbed.  Aho! 


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