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A Spectrum Collapse is most definitely underway, and they are intricate, spectrums within spectrums, one after the other, faster and faster, a benefit from the recent “switch on”.

All moves with ease once the willingness to surrender into how this all operates during these current frequencies now being received and emanated. What are you emanating? Are you contributing to the unconscious field by sharing jokes, sending healing, praying, calling in personified energetic creations of the belief kind, getting angry, pointing fingers, giving guidance in defence, judging or spreading fear by adding to the pool of posts and data that’s currently circulating? Are you holding opinions, or smothering it with those attached octaves we once believed to be love? Or are you holding each and every moment in Divine Gratitude for the Divine Order, Will and Timing that we are now witnessing the awakening, a super speed of data flushing through the collective with the most incredible abundance codes.

5G, the Corona Virus whatever it is that is being presented of the fear kind is simply a manifestation of the lack we each have been holding. Each of you reading this has either become fluent in this mirrored world or at least has some understanding and therefore it is simple to understand that as each of us on this path of light has been undoing the doing, what happens is the same pattern of undoing the doing then ripples out like a butterfly effect, we are aware that our mind creates energy, that ripples through both our physical body and our physical field, and what we know is that the more people now aligning, brings more accountability to all, as we are One. Therefore we have a mass awakening, hence why all this unconscious noise, as each unconscious individual is now being seen in their now truth frequency, completely separated, completely unconscious.

The once labelled spiritual arena is now released from the name as the unconscious and non-understanding becomes so very obvious, there is nothing spiritual in the unconscious, its showing the huge void with its fear spewing out. Appearing visually like a coronal mass ejection blowing in slow motion.
The break down is here, this is not new news, especially if you have been following A Gift from Gaia for the past few years, and my loves, the specifics of how this presents, is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. A Virus? We are the Virus, lets stop being the virus and come back to love, learn how this actually works, allow y/ourselves the gift of stripping back everything we have learned and begin this process again. The light, once fully connected will provide the wisdom, but this wisdom cannot be received until each are prepared to dissolve all the knowledge picked up so far, all junk that is external from self, all that is split, divided, extra, distant or requires connecting to, because none of what is important is anything but us and what is functioning underneath all of what each has become.

But you see something super exciting is coming through, the breakdown brings redistribution, and already my field is sprouting a beautiful stem of commUNITY as people are responding with assistance and sharing to shine a light out into the fear, people are being an example in the field I hold, we do not indulge in the fear, or the story, we understand the codes, that the lack is surfacing for each to learn the ultimate choice, to step back into the alignment with the all and experience the abundance that is about to shift at a super-fast pace, if we can all simply allow, embrace and see what is shifting under this all, however, if the collective continues to choose to be greedy and non-accepting, and if the attention is plugged in to the field of fear, never forget whether you are “for” or “against” you are an active generator, then we all get to witness/experience something we as a race would rather not see with our human eyes.

Compassion will be required, but the required octave, to fully understand can only be achieved through the most expanded awareness, an ability to see the patterns, to be able to dive deeper than the details and to sit and observe from the space where the sine wave can be seen.

This field is now so sensitive, hence why those believing themselves into a spiritual light are feeling as though they are under immense pressure, blaming the energies, talking of dark energies, mediating and praying against their own reflections of self.

Clear angels, rise Angels, step away from those old ways, and trust, not me, but simply trust as that voice within your body has been requesting for what seems eternity. Release the lack, is all that’s being requested, the trouble is, the blindness prevents us from seeing the amount that has been invested in this lack and that is the weight being felt, the race has constantly continuing patterns known, seen and experienced enough times to know not to work, but the race continues to claw back the debt, that investment is to crash, and the moment it does, again, the abundance, the light becomes redistributed.

We can fill with Gratitude and turn this ship around.

What needs to be understood now, is as we are seeing within so many areas, all that is not of the light is showing its truth, the greed, control, corruption, perversion, all of it, its all being seen so simply and at a super-fast rate hence why each feels this bombardment, spectrum upon spectrum collapse, and this is where we begin to redistribute, where we begin to place our value into what actually brings light, Source Light, Enlightenment with The Alignment, no more hocus pocus teachings, no more believing a practice or tools will bring peace, we have seen this moving through the Kundalini Yoga pit, as the roots show its perversions, what a wonderful obliteration of the old ego field, and through this spectrum collapse the committed begin to seek, once again, the unconscious implodes and dissolves. Unfortunately humans do like to hold on, they do like to make things personal but then that is simply the non-understanding and the old unconscious way, Source Codes coming through wont make it personal although the resistance such as using protection tools and separation from the Divine Order makes it very personal, the codes feel like they get heavier until the human takes it all down with them, but the truth is, it is heavy, its painful, because that’s the price, the weight of the unconscious beliefs and faiths held within the physical, it has to be this way now, the karmic wheel of the Piscean Era is data dumping, so the passing is a purification, if not learnt by the end of their sine/time becomes a huge reflection and manifestation of The Dis-ease, but this too does hold purpose, this too is to be held in the most Divine Gratitude, because in order to innerstand, to come back to Unity we require the mirror of what happens if we hold on to the lack and fear, this all must be observed, everything must be Seen and experienced.

The glitch being experienced, the slowness and the chaos is because the collective hasn’t a clue, still pursuing the direction already known to be leading into the demise. Its crazy in some ways but its all understood, we have all held blind faith, and it’s a killer in many ways. Faith and beliefs are the two most powerful psychedelic trips gone wrong I ever swallowed and we are super blessed that the ability to find the gems planted in strategic places within the field to find once more, only this time, we are now to unveil.

But the interesting thing is, the more who choose, those who can allow themselves the peace of letting go and seeing the discord withing the trips of faith and belief, they are the game changers of the collective lack, the seekers are about to become finders. They are the medicine to this perceived disorder, because the moment they release and place their value towards the light, these most committed practitioners of their trips hold enough power to swing this mirror around the moment they awaken, and for us all to witness something truly miraculous, something that is already a stable and a continuous experience when we hold a conscious field, just imagine more and more, and this speeds up more and more and more!

It is possible, it is simply a choice now

A choice to listen to the instruction of the field, our race is being pushed gently into its cocoon, to retract, to observe, to go deeper than the details and learn to see the movement underneath, a movement that will mirror the personal story if each will only take the time to see the symbols, the reflections and the patterns.
Pushed gently in to look at the current version staring back in the personal mirror and to question everything that is known as truth, to look at where the life force is restricted, where there is weakness, where there are stores of energy creating havoc within and to understand how this has all been created by the mind and the chosen trip, how this has been affecting your physical body/reality and how this relates to the world out there and therefore the energy you have been emanating from this all.

Each is being given the most perfect space to Master the Power of Observation and Choice.

So when we begin to see this from a much higher and expanded awareness then you too can see the distortion in resisting something so incredibly magical. We cannot meditate or pray for a different version of our evolution until we all take full responsibility and see that all of that, is within the unconscious beliefs that are held, that it is truly a reflection and to finally stop dodging the responsibility.
We cannot pray or meditate against the Divine Will, Order or Time, we cannot resist the Cosmic Laws now being enforced, well, it is only us, all, as one, who are enforcing with our request for Love, our request for Change and not forgetting Peace.

You see if it is those beautiful things you request then it is our responsibility to allow ourselves full acceptance to receive.

So question the reaction to the field, if suffering is seen then fear is installed, if opportunity to Align is experienced then let us unite, because it is in numbers that we will hold this space for what is now unfolding.

Receive, another neon lit word, highlighting a Divine Symbol as I type, it is another spectrum, with give on the polar end, this is a very important spectrum to surf and until its been fully collapsed is why those who label themselves in the spiritual arena find they are unable to receive the pure codes from Source, the real juicy light key codes that actually release and bring complete transformations to be experienced, and its now so evident why, the inability to receive Unconditional Love and guidance, they have never received from self, and only ever given out there to get this most needed receiving external from self, it appears like a short circuit, the constant processing of the separation codes churning, keeping the seeker phase in motion, never being satisfied, never being fulfilled and accepting this as the spiritual life. It is sacrifice, that’s not life, its just a program of the Piscean Age.
We are to witness the teachers, Gurus, healers, friends move into this learning, again a blessing as the lack of connection will be viewed and the abundance once again gets to be redistributed again.

There is so much more to all of this, so much more than the human eyes are registering. My loves unplug, take the signs and symbols from the reality and stop the resistance, stop adding into the pit of unconsciousness, instead move into the space of your energetic eye, the eye that has the same ability to see exactly what I have shared here with you. Many say they See, well LOOK, pay attention, go to the observer space and stay with the silence, that is the space of the wise, that is the space where you can sit and join all of these dots up, where you can watch your field and clear away any lack based beliefs, thoughts, attachments, people, places, careers….it matters not how it is manifesting, simply allow it to go, you know what I am talking about as reading this you receive the flash, the confirmation, the I know bank rattles the doors as its about to burst and resonance runs through.

The response offered to this was to create the light home of A Gift from Gaia, the website, and more specifically either the SOUL-AR Alignment Group or the Opal portal, set up to guide those ready to make a difference, to step into their Alignment and experience a field of unity, of unconditional love.
This week I will be reporting and sharing the coordinates required to release all of this lack and fear coming through in these spaces, so if you would like to receive then either head over to the Opal Portal at or email at for more information on the SOUL-AR Alignment group where we make this all so very simple whilst receiving the most light filled support, they say they have never seen or experienced anything like it!

Share love, unite, assist but do it with complete acceptance knowing why this is moving through and we will speed this up to a whole new world.

So Much LOVE!

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