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My Heart Touching Poet is Afzal Shauq.. Zaynab el Zein from Lebanon Says

Our history is mired by war, people are trying to control each other, and all they want is to expand. We Live in a world where everyone talks about peace and his necessity , but no one think of a way to find peace, they don’t even find a one definition for the word peace , so how we’re going to find it ?

Some people believe that wars make the peace, but I say it can’t be true, because fire don’t blow out the fire. True peace is not made at the expense of the lives of many children and innocent ... These people only cares about their interests ...they are people without hearts. What peace when you live between destruction and death, when your dreams are threatened and broken because all you can think of is "how I’m going to live another day?"What peace when the mother loses all her hopes, and she’s the source of hope. What peace that is written with the tears of mothers for her little angels, that is written with the blood of innocent children....

Peace, that’s not peace, I’ll tell what’s peace. Peace is not just a word, not even a feeling, peace is when humans live happily away from any problems that may put his life in danger because of the greed of another human being. Peace is when children grow up without fear of the future, grow with hopes of a great life .peace is when we all live together , and erase all traces of racism on all forms.
One big philosopher, la roshofacauld, had said once that man is a being selfish by nature and everything we do is to confer this tendency.... So if we think deeply about this, we'll see that peace will be just an idea that does not exist because the war will continue list because of the selfishness of humans. But no, this philosopher had forgotten human feelings. Man is not an evil object, we have a warm heart and light feelings ... This heart will not stand as a viewer to see the scourge of humanity, but he’s going to work to resolve them.

If the war was a big black cloud that takes human life ,threatening and crash his hopes, so peace is a ray of hope that re-warm up the human beings hearts .peace is the smile of a small child, he is not our right it is our duty as human beings , our duty for our brothers , our brothers who lives in hell ,lives between the death ,peace is when we respond to their calls and help them ,their voice is all over the place ,their screaming for help is like a sad song carried by the wind, and all we have to do is just stand for a moment , look back to see the tragedies of the wars that passed and hear the voices of the suffering , voices that speak to the wind .

I know I make you guys feel bored with my long speech, but I ask you for one last requested to those who read this book just stand up and say no to wars and yes to peace, no to wars and yes to peace .... Well I have finished now you can read some poems that talks about peace, poems that had being writing by a poet who heard the voice and song carried by the wind, this poet is” afzal shauq" and I promise you won’t feel bored.

To all who cares
Zaynab el zein
(chowayfat /Lebanon

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