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We want to feel the world, whether it's Happiness, Joy, Love and Peace, or if it's Fear, Anger, Hatred and Jealousy. Our nature is to feel what is happening; our nature is to be in the emotion when it arises. The amount of energy which arises is infinite.

And yet…

We learn from an early age to suppress certain emotions, we learn from an early age to suppress the emotions which our society declares and defines as disturbing and harming. I, for instance, suppressed the happiness in me, the endless smile which I was born with, because I was laughed at as a kid and was told that my laughter was phony. I suppressed my anger and fear, or at least tried, because they scared those around me. It is impossible to suppress that which is natural, it is impossible to stop the flow which is inside of us, same as you cannot stop life. In fact, we suppress ourselves and then, who's depressed? We burn lots and lots of energy, endless energy, instead of using it for creation; we use it for stopping, or slowing down. That is why we learn to use our mind.

We use our mind like a drug. Like drugs, separating us from experiencing ourselves, our emotions, the moment. Always there, always has something to say, always there to suggest and to think and to "help".
Our mind is an incredible machine, and in addition to that, it keeps us alive, but also keeps us from living, keeping us in the world of illusions. As long as we keep on holding to it, we will always be slaves to our thoughts, to our opinions, to our beliefs, to the illusion – that there is something which is impossible.
The Human-kind tried throughout the history to slow the mind down, and maybe even to stop it. Those which tried and did not succeed and did not know how lost their mind, took their own lives or died while still living, if no outside source took care of it first…

I would like to offer you one simple thing and it comes just from my own unique experience, pure physical experiences in my life, experiences of journeys, inside and out, the experience of checking, time after time, to see what happens when we simply, let go.
I will go over some of the experiences, each one in its own time and context, and show you that the need to think of what we want and what we need to do in order to reach it – is an illusion.
Everything happens by itself, in its own time. And when things happen by themselves and in their own time, the energy which we live in is infinite. Things happen at ease, like pieces of puzzle, falling into their proper places. And the mind? You wonder what about it? Peace and quiet.
Instead of fighting with it in endless arguments, we accept that it is there, only we stop listening to it, stop attributing so much significance to it for our lives. In relation to peace, it is not necessary to agree, but knowledge, absolute knowledge, that the other side has also the right and the reason to be.
That is why I've searched my entire life after a way to use the mind, in order to step out of it. To create a "catch-22" that uses the obstacle, in order to make it crumble. If the mind thinks, so let us let it think. We shall give it a thought which actually, will instruct it to let us be. (And that's without it noticing it…)
Therefore, for every thought which comes along, whether we consider it to be good or bad, we give another thought to the mind to be thinking, which is:
"It's ok, you can breathe. The change happens by itself."

What do I mean by that?
All of my life, I've looked, searched and observed after one permanent thing, one thing I could tell my mind: "Here, this is permanent, it will always be. If I will hold on to it, I could let you go." I've searched after imperative law, one which does not need believing or thinking of, and actually does not need anything in order to exist, and I found one. It is not new, and most of you have heard and even said it, in one way or another: "The only permanent thing in life is change."

There is not one person or thing which stays the same, not even for a moment. Every second is a second chance. Every second we change, every second the world moves, the leaves on the tree change, the wind blows, light and darkness change, everything – changes.
We will never stay the same; it is only our mind which tells us stories: "It could never happen", or "I could never do this", or "There is no chance this could happen", or "I can't do this!"
Everything in this world, even our thoughts, change for themselves. Everything!
So everything which we believe is possible – is possible, And everything we still don't believe is possible – is also possible! It is all in our thoughts, which only come to cover that which is most important: US! Us, here, now, this moment!

Let yourself be, let yourself feel, yes, the fear and the confusion as well, that endless (seemingly) frustration we experience when we don't succeed. The anger which is born from it, the jealousy about others who do succeed, that fear that we might never succeed. And it is ok; it could very well happen that we don't! And it is important that we be aware of that. But even if we succeeded and even if we didn't, we've reached a new place, a new point of view to look at our lives from than where we were before.

We hold on to our mind with all we have, trying to hold on to what will never be ours – Control. Whether we like it or not, we have no control over what is and what will happen using our mind, we simply don't. And I know your mind just went on red alert right now. It feels threatened, afraid we are letting him go, remember the line? Calm it down…
"It's ok, you can breathe. The change happens by itself."

The change is for our highest good, always! Why, does it make sense to you that you're becoming better or worse? Do you improve or only fly backwards? The change is permanent, and the change is good! It is on our side. Let it happen by itself, and just enjoy the journey. Let your intuition guide you instead of your mind. The intuition comes from within: Intuition – In Tuition – Inner teacher, Inner guidance.
You are guided from high above, from deep within. Let yourself rise above your thoughts and you shall see your life from a different perspective. This way you will be able to get a better view about your lives. Look from a distance sometimes, so you will be able to see the complete picture, the whole picture, the whole you, and practice, just practice. That's all.

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Comment by Uriel on December 12, 2010 at 7:56pm
Thank you Cat!

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