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Hello, I'm here to speak to you about Peace.
Not peace between people, and neither among countries, but with the only person we have no choice but to live with until the end of our lives, the very same person who is sitting in your chair. Look down for a moment, recognize the feet? The hands? Yes, with yourselves.

My biggest dream since I can remember myself was to live in peace with myself. To know it wide and open and to know even better to pass it on so other people could also live in peace and harmony with themselves, to live in a real true peace with all those parts in ourselves that we've yet not come to accept.

It is not an obligation to accept them; it is also not an obligation to understand and to agree with them. Most chances you will not know, understand and accept all the different parts in you until the end of your lives. Does it mean we cannot live in peace with them? Does it mean that we cannot just accept that they are there and that they are not going anywhere even though we so don't agree with them? Even though we so don't desire their company?

Think about it for a moment with yourselves, if you didn't have the option in any way to change those parts in you you don't agree, understand or accept with, wouldn't you want to live your lives in peace any way? Relaxed? Calm? Why, isn't that what we all want?

So let me tell you something – even if you'll work on yourselves all your lives, go through workshops, learn, study, know more or less, or just live your lives and learn from experience, even if you will work on it day and night, every free moment you have (give or take) and put it in front of you as a goal, even if you'll live all your lives like this, you will never, absolutely never, know and learn to understand every little bit of yourself. Does that mean you cannot live in peace with yourselves?

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