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On the Way

Man of the Tao I am,
But am not a Taoist,
Man who walks the way
And never expects to complete.
For the way is my journey,
The way is all my life.
I love the way,
And with that, put my expectations out of sight.

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The Making of Peace

A lot of people tell me they love to live in peace, and the thing is that most of them actually believe they do, how far is the truth.

I went to a Vipassana workshop once, where the main teacher said he was enlightened. Now I understand that if a person says he is something then he is not, since why would he have the need to say it out loud if he feels that he is already? Back then I didn't understand it, but I had a great need of checking people for what they say they are, and yet… Continue

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Inner Peace

Hello, I'm here to speak to you about Peace.

Not peace between people, and neither among countries, but with the only person we have no choice but to live with until the end of our lives, the very same person who is sitting in your chair. Look down for a moment, recognize the feet? The hands? Yes, with yourselves.

My biggest dream since I can remember myself was to live in peace with myself. To know it wide and open and to know even better to pass it on so other people could…


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Our Mind as a Drug

We want to feel the world, whether it's Happiness, Joy, Love and Peace, or if it's Fear, Anger, Hatred and Jealousy. Our nature is to feel what is happening; our nature is to be in the emotion when it arises. The amount of energy which arises is infinite.

And yet…

We learn from an early age to suppress certain emotions, we learn from an early age to suppress the emotions which our society declares and defines as disturbing and harming. I, for instance, suppressed the… Continue

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Loving the Unknown

We all want something, anything. Wanting means we are still alive, and as long as we stay alive, we will always want something.

Most of us, when we want something, start thinking of how to get it because if we did know how to get it, we wouldn't be thinking of it, but just go and get it.

Sometimes, we find rather quickly how to get what we want and everything is fine, but when we don't we start feeling frustration after a while, sometimes we feel also anger because we don't know how… Continue

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Why should we live in peace?

Many people around the world had seen too many wars and many people die and want to put an end to it. We start to wonder if we need it, and if it is absolutely necessary for our progress and our survival.

It is known now and proven that whatever happens in our head, finds its way to our reality. "What we think about comes about."…


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The Difference between Dreams and Expectations

Do you have a dream? Do you have something that you so wish you could do, be and have?

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that every one of us at least used to have a dream, but for some reason stopped trying to reach it. That's ok, it is perfectly fine, at least with me that is. For whatever it is, it is still there, echoing…


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