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The Shining One

Whenever someone is touched by the spirit, the divine light shines through the flesh like a ray of sunshine through a cloud. Or when in love and consumed with the passion of life, the inner glow is unmistakable for all to see. This source of purity is the Shining One, an inner sun of immeasurable power and brilliance. The radiance of the inner sun shines at varying degrees of luminosity within each individual. Each time we overcome adversity and are true to the integrity of life we contribute a spark of divine radiance to the evolving light within. When fully activated, the inner sun emanates the virtue of the entire earth experience, which appears in time as a star in the sensory objective universe.

To shine is to be the delight of life that refuses to compromise with the mediocrity of the world. However, the opportunity for true individuality is limited in today’s sterile hi-tech age. This is due to the fear of standing alone, not in isolation of one’s fellow man and woman but as a being of the earth who has discovered the truth within themselves. Such people are rare in these times since the notion of the masses exists to shut down anyone or anything that undermines the progressive drive of the world. The wave of progress is only concerned with the exploration of matter – the effects of existence but not the cause. The cause is the Shining One behind the appearance of the sensory forms and objects. The mind, being an effect of reflected light, has no knowledge of its source, which can only be reached and realised in stillness as an action of passive surrender.

It’s the mantle of past that obscures the shining from within. This dulls not only the vitality of the physical body but also reduces the swiftness of intelligence, which becomes easily bored, distracted and unable to focus on anything with depth. Such people are emotionally primed for anything to give them a buzz to bring them temporarily in touch with the vitality of life. The past consists of emotional layers of living experience attached to the flesh of the body, not unlike barnacles that accumulate on the hull of a boat. The emotional substance of the entire life’s experience organises its constituent parts as a body of self. The purpose of the greater part of this personal self is to preserve its own existence in revolt to the natural harmony between inner and outer worlds. This it does by usurping the reflected light of the Shining One to energise its emotional source of pain and inner conflict. In the great struggle for original freedom, the challenge is often referred to as a battle between light and dark.

The Shining One is the deathless aspect of our spiritual being. Each of us is immortal as an intrinsic part of life everlasting. The tragedy is that comparatively few realise this blessed state of freedom while alive. And yet more people are engaged in this undertaking than ever before. This is because the times are right, with an acceleration of the global intensity of the masses living in the uncertainty of humanity’s present unprecedented condition. The effects on the world psyche which we see all around us have been to dismantle many layers of accumulated past closer to the surface level of the physical world. From deeper within the impersonal psyche, the energetic idea of the new earth culture, slowly arising into sensory awareness, is similarly breaking down strata of the immemorial past of planetary experience previously dormant and inert.

What needs to be done? Nothing, except to be vigilant and receptive to the changing circumstances and events as they happen. The truth will reveal itself from within through being willing to receive this original source of inspiration: the Shining One – the point of existence of our times.

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