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At 7:25pm on January 2, 2021, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Hi, Dear Carmen

Have a Nice Weekend and Happy New Year.

It's raining now.

At 2:45pm on January 2, 2021, bridget orman said…

Hi Carmen - Happy New Year - Keep safe and well hugs

At 5:25pm on December 31, 2020, Christopher Stewart said…

hey ! thanks for your wishes ! happy new year to you and yours ! :o)

At 7:26pm on December 24, 2020, Christopher Stewart said…

hey ! thanks for stopping by my page and for your kind words... :o)

i hope you enjoy a lovely Christmas day ! 

best wishes ! :o)

At 5:39pm on December 24, 2020, Patrizia said…

Hi my dear Carmen!

thanks for your message and for the beautiful image! Yes, I'm here and I'm good with my job, even though is challenging...many people younger than me, left the project because is challenging, I'm doing my best to go on and be a great 'performer'... I still don't understand romanian language!No problem, if I need some help, I have my good friend google translator :-))))) but normally I go to supermarket, take my shopping and pay, with no verbal interaction!

I'm working from home since 3 months, I'm sure me and my colleagues won't go back to office, first of all due to covid, and not less important, because the BOSS is saving a looooooot of money, making us to work in our environment, cooking our meals, using our electricity...and so on

Hope for you too is a peaceful time, as the song says 'it's the most wonderful time of the year'!!

Yes my dear, we are entering in Age of Aquarius, hope ALL hearts all over the world, could be friendly, respectful, honest and grateful...

I hug you tight wishing again a Merry Christmas and a sparkled New Year 2021!

At 7:55pm on December 22, 2020, Patrizia said…

Hi Carmen!

how are you? I want to wish you a perfect Joyful and full of Love  Christmas, hugging you tight!

Love always


At 1:20pm on December 15, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…


At 3:46pm on December 12, 2020, Eva Libre said…

A Angel for you, dear Carmen! Have a nice weekend!

At 9:21pm on November 22, 2020, Christopher Stewart said…

hey Carmen Elsa ! i hope you are well... thanks for your kindness... best wishes ! :o)

At 5:43pm on November 18, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Good afternoon, Carmen
In time of thanks and preparation for Christmas I came to wish you a beautiful day. Hugs.

At 9:47pm on October 28, 2020, Isabel Almeida said…

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At 12:11pm on October 8, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

At 6:17am on September 13, 2020, rayan rayan rayan rayan said…

thank you carmen .. let us be in daily contact . to know each other day by day  to be closed friends  and to plan for meet in the near future ..

if its ok .. i'll  be yours forever 



At 11:54am on June 16, 2020, bridget orman said…

At 5:52pm on June 2, 2020, Christopher Stewart said…

glad to connect with you here Carmen Elsa ! best wishes ! :o)

At 12:39am on April 23, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…


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At 7:06am on April 19, 2020, Isabel Almeida said…

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At 5:53pm on April 16, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Hi, Carmen
Have a nice day! Blessings.

At 2:27pm on March 26, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Good Morning Carmen!
In addition to wishing you a good day, I also wish you calm and faith in difficult times.
A big hug friend.

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