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This song is dedicated to the 44 ordinary people from 17 countries, and the countless people who supported them, who sailed on August 23 from Cyprus to Gaza.....

How do you make this song a reality? To be sure, singing songs about peace will not bring peace. But reading about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, visiting the conflict area and talking to the people on the ground are concrete steps that can make a difference.
In this song, Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian singers and musicians joined together to perform the Hebrew-Arabic song "Hevenu Shalom Aleinu" (We Brought Peace Upon Us) - "Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam" (There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Peace.) Sung in both Hebrew and Arabic, this Middle Eastern, Sepharadic-style, jazzy and inspiring song challenges us to rise above the propaganda, renounce hatred, supremacy, violence, and terrorism, and "rock the boat" until Israelis and Palestinians understand there is only one path to security and peace, and that is through sharing the land and upholding the human rights of all inhabitants of the Holy Land.

This song is dedicated to the thousands of ordinary people around the world, including many Jews, who are helping to promote human rights, equality and justice.

Thank you for listening! Shamai Leibowitz

PERFORMERS (in order of appearance):
Israeli Jews:
Leah Shabat
Shlomo Gronich
Zehavah Ben
Eli Luzon

Sahmir Shukri
Nivine Jaabri
Elias Julianos
Lubna Salame

yesh beneynu hiburim
she'horeynu lo halmu
yesh beneynu diburim
she'ad koh lo nishme'u.

anahnu kan bishvil koolam
anahnu gesher ve'soolam
bishvil mi she'holem
bishvil mi she'halam.

ve'od be'hayeynu
ve'od be'yameynu
nashir be'koleynu:


idak lou yib'a idi
imanak wil'ahlam
minamar dinya jdidi
danya mahbi wa'salam

wilama 'niya titsafa
kool inas biyib'ku nas
minsir eylet hub
eyli tishrab min kas.

min kas i'salam
min kas i'salam
kas i'salam:


ken, horeynu kvar akhlu
boser ad etmol shilshom
akh shineynu titpal'u
lo tikhena od hayom.

sawiyeh minwahed al'kaloob
sawiyeh minawer al'kool
ma awlad i'salam
ma awlad al-ahlam

(Arabic and Hebrew)
min kas i'salam ve'od be'hayeynu
min kas i'salam ve'od be'yameynu
kas i'salam nashir be'koleynu

Hevenu Shalom Aleinu...
Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam...

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Comment by Genie on September 18, 2010 at 9:10am
oh and the "Palestinians" in the video should not fool anyone. The Palestinians in Israel are feeling the heat get closer and closer. During the European holocaust certain Jews served special roles and got special treatment...but it was only a matter of time before it was their turn.
Comment by Genie on September 18, 2010 at 9:01am
This is like the Nazis singing a song of love and peace as the Jews are being plundered, terrorized, starved, imprisoned and murdered. The video is vulgar, I could vomit. Even if the Israelis had a change of heart, the damage is done and Israel will reap what it has sown. It's too late for peace or even the pretense of peace. The Palestinian children of the 1990's and 2000's in particular, they are messed up if you don't know that. The Israelis have made a rather nasty bed for others and karma dictates it will boomerang. After justice has been served (which has nothing to do with "sharing" any land) people will sing happy songs of love and peace but for now it's a time to be singing the blues! Anything else is like dancing at someone's funeral and I am not amused.

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