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Thank You . . .

Greetings my Beloved Family,

First of all for us all regardless of our cultural diversity and uniqueness, i wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow and every day. For those who celebrate an actual Holiday, Thanksgiving and those who do not, may your day be one that never ends. To be in a position to be filled with Gratitude and Thanks is a blessing for each of us and the World as well. All too often we must be reminded by way of holidays to…


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the Saints Walk By

the Saints Walk By

the Saints are walking in the Holy Parade

playing the music we hear

whispering and singing and shouting and screams

within our dreams

wanna play ?

charades is the game of choice

in this game we call life

i pick up the blade, the knife

i attempt to consciously disengage

my consciousness . . .

the Spider Web of Doctrines and Beliefs

and the Foods of my…

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quiet . . .


a quiet breath

a quiet thought

a quiet mind

waiting for the dawning of realization

of the meaning of life,

it’s toil,

it’s suffering,

it’s indifference

betwixt the children

dis-chord-dance is the prevalent composition

of the symphony

the music of our existence

the conductors are blinded

by the misplaced and askew harmonies

of objective…

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the “Seeker’s Path”

the “Seeker’s Path”

the clouds of understanding are before me

as i stand upon the “Seeker’s” Path

seeking a home

a place of resolution

where all is cozy and safe and warm

all life about me stands

as it always has

in witness of some quiet knowing



and i am continually sowing

seeds . . .

to what end my friend ?

i have stripped my self…

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The Analogy of the Seed

The first aspect that came to mind here for me to you is the “Analogy of a Seed” . . . .

The Seed is plucked from a fruit from which it was spawned, to be left alone and dried. Not being aware of the path that lies before it, it just lies alone, drying up, losing it’s fluids, what seems to be all of it's "vital-ness". Then it's hopes are rejuvenated as some warm hand touches and gathers it. Thinking it is in for something better… Continue

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within these lines . . .

within these lines . . .

i remember i did not forget

the things that are pertinent to my walk

so many times i remain quiet

as i listen when i should talk

talk about the things of knowing

that we mutually hold within our soul

talk about the love we have yet to re-discover

like that of our days of old

i do know that word has a power

exponentially expanding each…

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and “IS”ness

and “IS”ness

live free or die they may say

as i have done so many times before

each time i have layed down my life

i have vied for so much more

but this is something i question my friend

is completeness found in the gathering things

or is it like death, in the letting go

as we stop chasing those Golden Rings

convexingly so we still press forward

with purpose but no…

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my Prison . . . my Garden . . .

my Prison . . . my Garden . . .

i shall turn my Prison into my Garden

for i am planting Seeds

i shall nurture them with my Spirit of Passion

for i have taken heed

this is my contribution to the “self

and come harvest i will feed

for life is so about what One gives

let us be mindful of our deed

(c) 30 October 2010 : William S. Peters,…

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notes of love . . .

notes of love

i was writing notes of love to myself

but i was sending then to someone else

that they would send them back to me

adorned . . . enhanced and perhaps exaggerated

that i may feel good about . . .

loving my self

you see . . .

in loving others

you demonstrate the highest evolution . . .

of Self Love . . .

so i send notes to my “self” . . .

notes of…

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clarity . . .

clarity . . .

i gave all that i had

put my pen to the pad

as i awaited the speaking of ink

my attitude ‘twas terse

as i awaited the verse

that brought forth that divine link

there was something inside

to not be defied

for my soul is now awoken

so if “you” dear pen will not write

about my inner light

then i guess this verse must be spoken

so i will speak…

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when i think of you . . .

when i think of you

i am missing touching you

as i did a million aeons ago

when we had wings

you seem so far away

though you are here with me

and i listen to the song of remembrance

as my Soul does sing

a billion light years apart

is nothing at all to me

for your luminescent loving beauty

still resides in my light within i see

so sorrow here my dear

nay, i…


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the Winter Swan

the winter swan . . .

the winter swan upon the lake

bathed languidly in the solstice light

it’s soul dancing across his memories

yearning for his final flight

his beauty yet held in weariness

seasons past and those to come

yet with duty he preened his…

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