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May 2010 Blog Posts (22)

God Bless the Martyrs

Of Course Israel Sees Nobel Prize Laureates and Prominent Figures as Militants


Israel created deep discomfort in the West after Mossad agents used fake European passports to assassinate senior Hamas member Mahmoud El-Mabhouh earlier this year in Dubai.

And today, Israel committed a massacre in international waters when its navy commandos stormed the Gaza-bound aid ships and killed at least 19 unarmed activists. 700 Arab and European activists… Continue

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The Burning House

The house of a rich man is set on fire. His children are playing inside the house, so focused on their games that they dont see the danger. The man thinks about different

ways for saving his children like taking them by force, or directly explaining to them

the danger. However, these solutions are doomed to fail because of various physical

limitations and the children's blindness to the danger.Then, the man thinks: "I must now

invent some skilful…

Added by Moonwaters on May 30, 2010 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Inner Transformation Series – 1 - Making a Difference by Being Different

Dear All,

This is adopted from the lecture series by Mr. Sri M.K.Ramanujam from the topic ‘Ancient wisdom for Modern Times’ at Houston , TX , USA .

1. Why can’t things ever be smooth for me?

2. Why do I always land a cussed deal in everything?

3. Why is the world such a tough place to live in?

Does this rant sound familiar?

We are often dissatisfied or frustrated with our situation and the people around us, and wish that they would change.… Continue

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I have heard that there was once an ancient and majestic tree, with branches spreading out towards the sky. When it was in a flowering mood, butterflies of all shapes, colors and sizes danced around it. When it grew blossoms and bore fruit, birds from far lands came and sang in it. The branches, like outstretched hands, blessed all who came and sat in their shade. A small boy used to come and play under it, and the big tree developed an affection for the small… Continue

Added by Eva Libre on May 24, 2010 at 1:46pm — 7 Comments

Question: I am heavily disturbed by the sufferings in life. Vedanta says the world is a dream. Some say that God created...?

Dear all,

Good morning to all of you and have a divine blessed day ahead…..

"The easiest way to invoke God's grace is by chanting His Name. The most important aspect here is faith. With sincerity, steadfast faith and devotion, if the Mahamantra is chanted every day, then in due course of time, one can visibly see that the sorrows will automatically vanish and you will be able to look at the world from a level-headed perspective."…


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Unrest in Thailand - Thailand PM declares state of emergency

Unrest in Thailand

After nearly a month of protests by Thailand's Red Shirt anti-government movement, the situation in Bangkok has escalated in the last week. Though most of the past month's protests have been peaceful, earlier this week, Red Shirt protesters briefly stormed and held the parliament building. In…

Added by Eva Libre on May 19, 2010 at 7:07pm — 3 Comments

Leaving You A Heart Print

Leaving You A Heart Print.doc

Added by Sunspiritsmiles on May 19, 2010 at 3:41pm — No Comments

An Online Spiritual Invitation from UK - All are welcome.....

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

India the Spiritual kitchen for the world have had many Great

incarnations, to name a few starting from Adi Shankara a cha rya

2500yrs back to continue with great avatars like Namadev, Tukkaram,

Shirdi SaiBaba, Kanchi Parama charya, Bhagwan Nama Bodendral,Sri

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Ragavendra, Anandamayi maa, Ramana Maharishi,

Yogiram Surat kumar to our recent Guru Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara


Our… Continue

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Atta Abad newly formed Lake due to land sliding In Hunza Abottabad

Hunza in northern Pakistanin January, has forced hundreds from their homes, and threatens to displace thousands more. Flooding caused by an overflowing lake, formed after a

landslide blocked the River

According to media reports, 88 houses in Aeenabad and Shashkat villages, and two bridges, have been swept away. The two areas were cut-off by the…


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Revolution & Getting stronger By Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji

Dear All,

Good evening to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead …..

Joy and sorrow are the only two known states of mind as far as man is concerned. Divinity is to get past this dual state and be in a constant state of bliss

--- Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji



At any given point in time, the society… Continue

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solidarity with children who have cancer

On Saturday… Continue

Added by Jan on May 14, 2010 at 2:40am — 3 Comments

my Christ within . . .

my Christ within. . .

because you do not believe in your higher “self’

please do not condemn thy brother nor me

and do not condemn your self my friend

for i pray one day you’ll see

that the words that my Christ spoke

that the Kingdom resides within

resonates with my eternal Soul

that resonates with Him

now “Christ” is but a title

it is not One’s last name


Added by Bill on May 12, 2010 at 11:00pm — No Comments

before we implode . . .

before we implode . . .

let us peek from behind the curtain

and life’s simple utter wonder

let us realize our latent joys

and the magic of our splendor

go on, just touch your self

have a tweak and a feel

know that when you truly believe

your every dream is real

tell me your limitations

and i’ll expose the illusions

our flow has been restrained

with Spiritual…

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being . . .


i have been to that place where East meets West

that resides deep within me

i am the wind on the still desert plane

i am that anchored chain that yearns to be free

i speak a word that has no sound

as silence screams within

the darkness seeks to eat my light

and the magic of my Jinn

my Soul dances with stillness

where the errant appears correct

the Kingdom…

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teach me . . .

teach me

teach me how to rise in love

for i do not want to fall

take me to that sacred place

where i can have it all

teach me how to hold you

forever in my heart

that naught could ever come between

that naught could ever part

teach me how to kiss you

to emote your passion’s fire

i wish for you to quench this thirst

for which my soul aspires


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Tuck and Patti Music Play List

Greetings my Beloveds . . .

here is a Play List of some God Music from my Archives.

I Hope you enjoy them.

They all should be Down Loadable,

~ and ~

i have converted them into mp3 format for your listening pleasure.

Of Course the Song List is about . .…


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Cine popularity & Qualities of a believer - Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji

Dear All,

Good morning to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead …..

Cine popularity

We generally find that the cine field wields a powerful impact in the society. The most popular personalities usually come from the field of cinema.

Why is it so?

All the people in this world are only acting in their life. When they see better actors they are naturally drawn towards… Continue

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Bhakta Chokamela - A great Saint from Pandarpur - Maharashtra - India

Dear all,

Pandarpur is glorified as the bazaar of Nama (Name). The most favorite of the presiding deity, Panduranga is Nama Kirtan. There have not been as many bhaktas for any other deities as there have been for Panduranga. The icing on the cake is the fact that these great devotee-saints have belonged to

different castes, creeds, races and sects - a standing example to show that the Lord does not…

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Ego & Self

The Ego is that part of the psyche that believes in material existence. The Ego's job is to take care of business in the real world. It's an important job. We couldn't last a day without it. But there are worlds

other than the real world, and this is where the Ego runs into trouble.

Here's what the Ego believes:…


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Earth Song


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